Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well he almost held up his word. Almost. So I had a little party with twelve of my friends and neighbors on Sunday night and we had a pot to pee in but had to use the kitchen sink to wash our hands. sigh....

My guests were scheduled to arrive at 7pm. He literally hung the door on the bathroom and was sucking up all of the saw dust from the hallway floor at 6:50. Needless to say what should have been a relaxing little gathering of friends was very stressful until at about 8:00 after I'd swallowed a glass or two of wine. By then my rage towards Hubby for stressing me out and nearly ruining my fun had been softened. He should be very grateful for alcohol and the warming effect it has on his wife.


Blogger b said...


So sorry I never RSVP'd to your party! I meant to and then...

Let's get together soon. Please.

10:26 PM  

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