Thursday, January 31, 2008


Caught red handed! My sweet little 15 month old stole two candy bars from the grocery store yesterday. She was riding in the front of the shopping cart in the part that's made to look like a little car. Being only 15 months old, she thinks she is quite hot stuff riding in there I might add. At the check out line I noticed her grabbing at the candy bars, that are right at her level. I thought I removed them all from her little paws. BUT, as I was loading her into our car I noticed some treasure by her feet. Twix and Milky Way, not my favorites, I would have preferred a Kit Kat or maybe even a Snickers.
So yes, I let her eat some of them, she had to share with her big sister. She went through the trouble of stealing them she may as well enjoy them too.
Side note. This is not the first time my little lovies have stolen merchandise. It's just the first time I was able to catch it on camera. ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We're thinking that this should be next year's Christmas Card.
If you can't tell what it is, look closer. It's E playing with all of the poisonous cleaning chemicals under the kitchen sink. Not too mention there are enough crumbs on the kitchen floor that may warrant a visit from the Board of Health.

She got skills

It's talent like this that makes a mother puff up with pride. L mastered the skill of crossing her eyes today. Isn't she clever? Looks like she should be taking the short bus to kindergarten from now on.

Look out Mary Lou!

Here comes the next US Gold medalist. Miss Z had her Big Show at Gymnastics today. They call the kids in one at a time so they can show their skills off on the floor, beam and bars for all the parents. It was really cute. And then they got a gold medal at the end. This is actually Z's third time doing The Big Show, she's been going to gymnastics since she was about 20 months old. She really has developed strong little arms and can do a kick ass forward roll.
I didn't really get any great pics because I was also trying to wrangle my darling 15 month old at the same time that there were a dozen 3-5 year olds running about the gym floor in the show. That part was not fun.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Can I shamelessly brag for a minute?

So when L is working at the kitchen table on some homework or something she does this a lot,
"Mom, how do you spell zebra?"
I'll answer her without really looking at her while I'm washing dishes or cooking dinner, "Z...E...B..R...A"
Okay, so sometimes Z is also at the table while L is doing this and so she'll mimic her sister and say , "Mom, how do you spell DINOSAUR?"
I'll answer her the same way I do L but I know that she is just righting down gibberish because she is only THREE.
Well to my complete and utter shock the other day she was asking me how to spell Ella and Zoey.
When I walked over to the kitchen table this is what I found.

Ummm, how did my three year old learn how to write her letters???


She's at that annoying stage. Where she can climb up onto everything. She spends hours climbing up onto the kitchen chairs and then of course right onto the kitchen table and giving me a heart attack when she then tumbles right off onto the hard floor. Seconds later she will wipe away her tears and climb right back up.
Look at that little devil with the poop eating grin on her face!

Catch up

We had yet another snow day on Monday (that means no school to you southerners). We got a mere 10 inches of the white stuff. I think this brings us to a total of about 42 inches this year. Alright, I'm pulling that number out of my ass, but seriously, we've had oodles of snow this winter. OODLES!!!

I haven't blogged all week so let's catch up, shall we?

We took the girls to the Boston Children's Museum last weekend. They had fun, for the most part. Let me explain. L has two moods, either happy go lucky (which is about 90% of the time) or whiny and teary eyed. On this particular day she was the latter of her two moods.

Z on the other hand had a blast. She has no fear so she does really well in big, new, crowded places like a museum on a wintry Sunday afternoon.

E could care less about her surroundings. Just so long as she is set free from her stroller for a significant amount of time to get her energy out.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A new Combo

It's mashed potatoes on one side and chocolate pudding on the other. Mmmm mmmm good! I think she may be on to something. Big giant box means many many many many many hours of play. This stupid box has been kicking around our house since early December. Today L and Z painted it with brushes, fingers and feet. I cut out a little hole for the window.
Needless to say they needed to soak in a hot tub for a while after this mess and I was forced to give the kitchen floor a Looooooong over due mopping.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hellooooooo! Anyone still out there????

Here I am Here I am!!!! Did you miss me? I bet..
I've got 5 million x mas pics that I have meant to post but really who cares anymore. Christmas has come and gone we don't need to ooh and ahh over my kids opening presents anymore.
I've really got nothing else for you. My life is boring, what can I say.
I've been contemplating, I mean SERIOUSLY, going back to work soon. It's overwhelming and terrifying and exciting all at the same time. So we'll see where that goes.
Anywho, I just wanted to pop in here and dust off the cobwebs. Hopefully I'll be back in full swing soon.
Sorry to bore you to tears.
Why are you even reading this? You might want to find a hobby or something.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas, a few days early

Z modeling her new hat and shirt. It doesn't take much to impress her.

It's hard work watching your kids get spoiled by their grandparents.

We went into the big city today to my parents place to celebrate Christmas with them. My parents did tone it down a bit this year but they still gave the kids just as much, if not MORE stuff, than Santa is bringing them. Must be nice to have money to burn.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Doesn't she look like she is ready to kick someones ass?
She probably was, now that I think about it. Z was the one holding the camera, L probably did want to kick her ass.

Suck Balls

My hubby can be so eloquent, so charming, when he is mad. Instead of screaming, swearing, punching walls when things have gone wrong, he simply mumbles this phrase, suck balls !!! Like the time he bought a brand new bathroom sink from Home Depot and as he was opening the trunk of the car in our driveway to take out the new sink it slipped right out of the box and shattered into a hundred small pieces on our driveway. He didn't scream or kick the car as I would have done. He just walked away and mumbled under his breath suck balls!!
Well on Friday afternoon as our hot water heater burst and spewed 90 gallons ( literally) of hot water all over our finished basement he was heard to say Suck balls over and over again through out the day. It still amazes me that neither of us lost it. Neither of us yelled or snapped at some innocent bystander. We just dealt with the shit that was handed to us. I simply followed his lead and remained calm. My first instinct was definitely something a little more dramatic but instead I just mumbled suck balls.

A Morning at Preschool

Big Z had a Family Sing a Long at school the other morning. E and I went to represent our fam. You would think that it being Z's school and all I would get oodles of pics featuring Z, but alas, I did not. My freakin battery died about 5 minutes into the festivities. This is the best I got. That's Z in the red sweater sitting in front of the kid dressed like The Man in the Yellow Hat.