Friday, June 29, 2007

My Little Gymnast

Big Z had her last day of Little Gym. She recieved her gold medal and showed off all of her amazing talents. (Do you detect my sarcasm?)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I was feeling brave on Friday so I took the three amigos on an outing. They were incredibly well behaved. So much that I may be brave enough, or dumb enough, to take them again.

Showing off her new skill

The little bugger is pulling up on everything all of a sudden. I push her down every chance I get. I'm not ready for this stuff yet.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Last day as a preschooler

Miss L is no longer a preschooler. This was her last day. Sniff sniff...

We had her kindergarten orientation the other day. Holy crap! I can NOT believe she is going to kindergarten in just a few months.

Soooo big

You know your baby isn't a tiny teeny little baby anymore when her pajamas are normal two piece pajamas without a thousand snaps. A thousand snaps that you can never line up quite right on the first try.

Learn from my mistake

Tonight's entree consisted of shake and bake chicken, peas and couscous. Notice who is NOT eating.

Miss L won't even eat her dinner with a big glop of her favorite condiment, that horrendous red stuff.

When you're child is a baby/toddler DO NOT feed them what ever they want. Refuse to make just "kids meals". You know what I mean, chicken nuggets or spaghetti with no sauce for the kid while you and hubby dine on salmon or some other normal grown up food. I did this with L when she was younger and believe me I am paying for it now. She refuses most foods, won't try new ones, and would rather starve then eat what the rest of us eat for dinner.

Now when Z was younger I just gave her whatever I was eating and now she'll eat just about anything, with in reason. It makes meal time sooo much easier.

It's quite miraculous that L is growing as tall as she is considering she survives on chicken, chicken and chicken.