Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas, a few days early

Z modeling her new hat and shirt. It doesn't take much to impress her.

It's hard work watching your kids get spoiled by their grandparents.

We went into the big city today to my parents place to celebrate Christmas with them. My parents did tone it down a bit this year but they still gave the kids just as much, if not MORE stuff, than Santa is bringing them. Must be nice to have money to burn.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Doesn't she look like she is ready to kick someones ass?
She probably was, now that I think about it. Z was the one holding the camera, L probably did want to kick her ass.

Suck Balls

My hubby can be so eloquent, so charming, when he is mad. Instead of screaming, swearing, punching walls when things have gone wrong, he simply mumbles this phrase, suck balls !!! Like the time he bought a brand new bathroom sink from Home Depot and as he was opening the trunk of the car in our driveway to take out the new sink it slipped right out of the box and shattered into a hundred small pieces on our driveway. He didn't scream or kick the car as I would have done. He just walked away and mumbled under his breath suck balls!!
Well on Friday afternoon as our hot water heater burst and spewed 90 gallons ( literally) of hot water all over our finished basement he was heard to say Suck balls over and over again through out the day. It still amazes me that neither of us lost it. Neither of us yelled or snapped at some innocent bystander. We just dealt with the shit that was handed to us. I simply followed his lead and remained calm. My first instinct was definitely something a little more dramatic but instead I just mumbled suck balls.

A Morning at Preschool

Big Z had a Family Sing a Long at school the other morning. E and I went to represent our fam. You would think that it being Z's school and all I would get oodles of pics featuring Z, but alas, I did not. My freakin battery died about 5 minutes into the festivities. This is the best I got. That's Z in the red sweater sitting in front of the kid dressed like The Man in the Yellow Hat.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Weekend

A long weekend trapped indoors. How do you keep a baby occupied? Why the Sunday paper and nearly a full roll of toilet paper is the answer. She busied herself for nearly 40 minutes making this mess. If you look closely you can see little pieces of toilet paper mixed in with the news paper.
Playing with her big sister's leappad.

My Little Photographers

Some pics that my girls took.
This one was by L.
By L also

This one was by Z. Pretty good for a three year old.

Monday, December 17, 2007


No school today. We got about 10 inches on Thursday, yet L had school Friday morning. Then we got about five more inches yesterday and so today, no school. Go figure. It is an icy mess out there. Not the fun kind of fluffy snow that kids can play in. So stuck in the house we are. What to do, what to do. Oodles of laundry I suppose, that sounds like fun. Maybe make some fudge? Now that sounds like fun.

Side note, I spelled icey and spell check changed it to icy. Now either way it doesn't look quite right, does it? One of those weird words.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fond Mommy Moments

Don't you love it when you are snuggled up in a chair giving your baby a cup of warm milk to settle her down for a nap. She drinks about 6 ounces and then gets all cozy and drowsy on your lap. So you pick her up and give her a few pats and rubs on her back before you place her in her crib. BUT before you can place her in her crib she throws up oodles of putrid milk all over your hair, shoulder and leg. Miraculously, she does not get any nasty undigested warm milk on herself, just all over you. And yet somehow, even though she only drank six ounces, she managed to puke up 56 ounces. So now there is the distinct smell of rotten cheese in the air because as we all know, that is what hot puked up milk smells like.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Benefits of Being Number Three

You know how with your first born, you never let them watch tv until they were two years old? You had much more energy and time to do quality things with the first born.
Then when number two was born it was a little different. You sat the second born in her bouncy seat next to her big sister in front of Dora as soon as she was able to hold her head up.
Well, then came baby number three. Not only has she been watching CSI since she was days old but she also gets to eat horrendous foods such as Gogurt at the ripe old age of 13 months old.
Her mother's intentions were good. She fed her rice and broccoli first so eating a little artificial coloring in the shade of electric blue isn't that bad.