Monday, July 31, 2006

I must confess

The shower wasn't so bad. It wasn't filled with tons o' fun by any means,but it wasn't as painful as I'd anticipated. The heat wasn't bad at all so no old ladies dropped dead. SIL was really happy and that's all it's about really.
Today, we are finally having our carpet installed in our newly finished basement which will be the playroom/family room. It's been sitting there ready to be carpeted for at least 6 weeks but we, well, umm, ran out of money for a while there. So today's the big day. YIPEE!!!!! I was originally told they would be here anytime between 8-6, I was like, "are you kidding?" But at 6:40 this morning they called to say they would be here by 8 am. YIPEE SKIPEE!!! So at least I don't have to wait around all day for them to come. I just have to wait around all day for them to finish. I can't wait to move every last toy out of our living room and into that playroom, FINALLY!!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I took the kids on a nature hike today. Well, it wasn't exactly hiking, but a walk in the woods. It started out great. Nice cool shady paths. Lots of rocks, birds blah blah blah crap that interests little tiny kids. I felt like I was doing such a great thing getting them out into nature, getting some exercise. About 10 minutes into our adventure I realized that there are about a bazillion mosquitoes in the woods on a hot July day. Not pleasant. We ended up turning around and went home. Our walk lasted about 20 minutes. At least it wore Z out, she went down for a nap as soon as we got home.
We'll try again in the fall, no mosquitoes.
L was pleased to learn that there were no bees in the woods. That was one high point.

Tomorrow should be a day filled with joy and relaxation for me. NOT!
I'm hosting my sister in laws bridal shower at my house, outside. It's supposed to be 87 degrees and humid. There are 42 people coming. Most of them really old. I know about 10 of them. Did I mention I'm also 7 months pregnant? This should really really be fun.
I won't get into how of the 5 bridesmaids me and one other are providing everything. That would be petty of me to complain about. I won't also mention how this is costing me a bundle that I can't really afford.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My poor poor poor little Lindsey. We went to the playground tonight with some people from my mom's group. Every month we gather there in the evening and have pizza together and let the kids run amuck. So Lindsey is playing on this plastic climbing slide thing and I'm sitting about 50 yards away chatting with some friends. I hear L start screaming in this shear panic frenzy and she's swinging her arms all over the place. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was happening. A swarm of bees were all over her. Okay, maybe not a swarm but it looked like at least 6 of them. One mom who was closer tried reaching in the slide/climbing thing to get her but kind of backed off because of all the bees. I ran over and just reached in and grabbed her by the arms and yanked her out and ran back towards the benches hoping the bees weren't following. She only got two stings, one on each thigh. She was hysterical and couldn't stop rubbing and scratching the stings. Luckily one of the mom's had some sting pads from her first aid kit that really seemed to relieve the pain. Ugh, it sucked. I felt soooooooo bad for her. She was utterly terrified. After 20 minutes or so she settled down and played with some of the kids in another section of the playground and the swelling went down quickly. She already had a fear of bees and now she's going to be so so so so so so clingy when we're outside.
I brought her out for ice cream after we left the playground and I was talking to Hubby on the phone about the incident. L could here me talking about it and it was like she was living it all over again. She wouldn't eat her ice cream (which is very unusual for her) and climbed up on my lap and said she just wanted to go to bed. I guess I shouldn't even talk about it in front of her, it freaks her out too much.
Did I mention I feel so bad for her?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Umm, Big Bird is my LEAST favorite of all the Sesame Street characters.

You Are Big Bird
Talented, smart, and friendly... you're also one of the sanest people around.
You are usually feeling: Happy. From riding a unicycle to writing poetry, you have plenty of hobbies to keep you busy.
You are famous for: Being a friend to everyone. Even the grumpiest person gets along with you.
How you life your life: Joyfully. "Super. Duper. Flooper."
The Sesame Street Personality Quiz

6:30. That's what time I put the girls to bed tonight. I haven't heard a peep out of them either. I know, I just jinxed myself.
They were pooped. Busy day and short nap for Z. We met some new friends today at a sprinkler park and then went to visit Hubby at the fire station and then came home and played out in the yard and visited with neighbors. They were wiped out by dinner time, just the way I like them, especially when Hubby isn't home to help wrangle them into their beds.
We have a playdate coming over tomorrow so now I'm just sitting on my ass thinking about all the cleaning I need to do before 10am tomorrow. Why is it that the house is always at it's peak of disaster when we are expecting company? You know I'm not going to actually do any cleaning tonight. I'll think about it all night and then stress myself out tomorrow morning running about trying to get it all done. And who really cares if my house is messy? Well, I do, I guess that's my problem.
BTW, the playdate we had at the sprinkler park today was with a fellow blogger. She was really nice and so easy to talk to and has the two cutest well behaved little boys. Anyone want to guess who she is? ;)

Friday, July 21, 2006

I took the girls here yesterday. Surprising, I came home exhausted and with a headache.
They were actually incredibly well behaved. Outings like that with two kids and one adult can turn into very unpleasant experiences instead of the day of fun they were meant to be. I let Z walk instead of being stuck in her stroller and she did really well staying with me. We all had fun and Z was so tired that not only did she fall asleep on the ride home but I was able to take her out of the car and put her in her crib and she went back to sleep for two more hours. I've NEVER been able to move her from car to crib with success.
It was all free too because SIL gave us passes for L's birthday. I love gifts like that. So much better than another junky toy to get played with for a day and then tossed aside with the other clutter.

Today is L's last day of camp. I could send her for a few more weeks but I think we should spend the rest of the summer lazing around the pool and the beach eating popsicles and ice cream. That's my idea of good summer memories.
Of course I'd be lying if I said I haven't enjoyed having her gone for 12 hours a week.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random things about Lindsey and her soon to be baby sister

Last night when I was tucking L in I put her hand on my belly and told her she could feel the baby move if she kept her hand still. Sure enough she got to feel quite a few really good kicks. She thought it was SOOO cool. She literally squealed with delight at each kick. She was so wide eyed and amazed. I don't know why it's taken me so long to let her feel that. I guess it never occurred to me that she is old enough to really "get it", the whole baby in mommy's belly thing. She was so cute. She didn't want me to move so she could keep on feeling her move.
Another thing, she named the baby a few months back. I don't know how or why she came up with this name but she insists that's the baby's name. It sounds like she's saying "Age". She has a knack for making up weird names. Her stuffed kitty that she sleeps with is named "Pyabya". That's the phonetic and likely only way to spell it. She just likes to make up names that feel fun rolling off the tongue I guess. She's going to be very confused when the baby is born and she is NOT named "AGE". I guess she thinks since she gets to name her dolls and all her other toys then naturally she gets to name her baby sister. Makes sense in the mind of a four year old I suppose.
At her birthday party I overheard L talking to her friend C and she was whispering in a very excited voice:
" C see how my mummy's belly is getting bigger and bigger? That's because there's a newborn baby in there!"

It's a whole different experience being pregnant now that she is four. When I was pregnant with Z she was so little, not even two for the majority of the time. She is so much wiser now. I don't think I give her enough credit for her ability to "get" things.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Z was almost back to normal today.No more fever or puking but a bit out of sorts, probably because she woke up at 5:30 am, grrrrr.
It was about a billion degrees out today and very very humid. It literally felt like you were standing in a sauna outside. Blech. We spent most of the day inside. L had her four year check up this morning. She got 3 shots and was such a trooper. She is growing very well, following a perfect curve, 41 inches and 34 lbs. She's tall and skinny just like her mom, yeah right.
We then visited Daddy at the firestation. The kids were having fun playing in his bedroom with him but those damn citizens needed him. He got a call and had to leave us and go rushing out. L was very very upset. No matter how much I explained to her that Daddy's job is to go help people when there's a fire or someone gets hurt. She just didn't care, she just wanted Daddy. I on the other hand got rather turned on watching him jump into his gear and leap onto the fire engine and go speeding away all sexy and manly and stuff. ;)
After L had a melt down for nearly half an hour we headed back home and stopped at the farmer's market near our house and loaded up on fresh blueberries, strawberries, grapes, raspberries, bananas, tomatoes and corn. It's too hot out to eat anything else.
We played outside for a little while but the two of them were so sweaty they literally looked like someone had poured water over their heads. So inside with the nice air conditioning we went and stayed.
What a thrilling day, huh?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

More news from the sick house

L woke up yesterday feeling great. We even played outside in the morning for the first time all week. Then things started to go down hill. I put Z down for her nap at 11. She was still asleep at 3. Not a good sign. We had our families over to celebrate L's birthday and even all that noise wasn't waking Z up. I finally woke her up and brought her downstairs, gave her some meds and she perked up a bit with all the attention of grandparents and her aunt. She even had cake and ice cream. Last night she was up many times very sweaty and feverish. This morning she threw up all over me, yummy. But she is a quick learner, when she needed to puke again she stood over the toilet and did it.
I knew she was going to catch whatever L had. I mean, they do nothing but slobber all over each other all day. Sharing drinks and snacks and toys and sloppy kisses. Let's just hope it lasts only a few days I hate being stuck in the house, especially in the summer.
On a brighter note. My mom gave L a bunch of clothes for her b'day from Gymboree. None of them fit. So I get to go back and exchange them for things I really like. I love doing that. AND she gave me her $50 worth of Gymbucks. YIPEE!!!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

I know you're sick of these pics by now BUT this is a pic of Hubby and the girls at StoryLand last year. I can't believe how much they have changed.
Hubby's hair still looks the same, heehee.

Here's the sweet little four year old

L made a collage for me.

Not to be out done I made a collage for L.
Here she is this morning looking glum.
Wearing her crown and jewels she got for her birthday. See, she smiled for a few minutes today.

Well if you want to get technical she's not actually a four year old until 10:32pm. She was miserable and sick all day. She actually fell asleep with her head on the kitchen table this afternoon.
We made collages together while Z was napping. And then Hubby and I gave her a birthday present. We gave her a bunch of dress up stuff, tutus, play shoes, bracelets, a crown etc. She loves that stuff. It made her smile for at least 5 minutes before she remembered she felt like crud.

I wasn't going to do it, but what the hell. Here I am in all my chubby pregnant glory on the ferris wheel type ride with my girlies.

StoryLand Pics, if you've got nothing else to do these are pretty cute to look at

It seemed odd to me that pregnant women weren't allowed on the tea cups but a 21 month old toddler was okay to ride, whatever.

Chilling in the hotel room after a bazillion hours at StoryLand.
Day Two
After about 3 hours Z needed a rest.

I think this is supposed to be Alice in Wonderland.
The ride back to the hotel was about 10 minutes, L was asleep within about 2 minutes.

Poor little birthday girl

She fell asleep last night around 6 and slept until 6 this morning. Hubby brought her into our room this morning and I lay down with her and she fell asleep in about 2 nano seconds. About a half hour later she woke up and puked all over herself, me and the bed. Poor baby. She puked a few more times this morning and then ate some crackers and some cheerios (no milk). So is clammy but not feverish and sweaty like she has been so that's somewhat a good sign. Hubby skipped work today so he's out playing with Z, poor kid has been stuck in the house with her sick sister for two days. We're supposed to have family over tomorrow for a b'day party. I think we'll skip dinner and just do cake and ice cream and presents then send everyone on their merry way so L doesn't over do it. What a stinker, being sick on your fourth birthday on a beautiful sunny July day. Blech!!

Hubby has to go to a wake later this afternoon and then the funeral is in the morning so he'll probably stay over at his parent's house tonight because it's kind of a long drive to do back and forth tonight and then tomorrow. It's for a guy he graduated high school with and they worked together on the fire dept in their home town. He was a ripe old 32. Hubby is more freaked out by his death than saddened. Not that he isn't sad but you know what I mean. It scares him that someone so young and otherwise healthy can just drop dead from a pre-existing heart condition that no one knew about. This guy was known for doing the occasional recreational drug or two from time to time so it doesn't take a genius to figure out what may have happened. Someone with a faulty ticker snorts a little coke and well, you know what can happen there. Thankfully he didn't have any children. Well I don't know if that really is a good thing. That means the poor guy never got to experience the overwhelming joys of fatherhood. Either way you look at it, it sucks, just plain sucks.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

We survived our mini family vacation to New Hampshire. It was fun for all yet very very very very exhausting. I have mucho pics to post but I'll have to do it later because I've got a sick kiddo on my hands now. We got back Tues night and Wed morning Hubby went off to a 36 hour shift at work, poor guy. I took L to camp and she seemed fine. BUT yesterday afternoon after she got home she was whiney and when I felt her she was really hot. So she has come down with a fever just two days before her birthday, poor baby. I was up MANY times with her last night, getting her water, getting her water and getting her water (she was thirsty I guess) and changing her out of her sweat soaked pajamas and just doing some general consoling. She then proceeded to wake me and Z up at 6 this morning by yelling at the top of her lungs "MAMA MAMA MAMA". She just wanted more water, apparently her legs are also broken, this would explain why she didn't just get out of bed and come get me.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

B'day party pics

Why is it that after a four year olds birthday party I feel like I need a really good dirty vodka martini right now?
I took about a zillion pictures but I'll spare you, I narrowed it down to a mere 6 for your viewing pleasure.
I couldn't get a good pic of Z in her cute dress.

Am I pathetic or what? This is the only pic I could get of them together. I should make it my Christmas card it's so good.
Zoey slept through about 90% of the party. So she missed the cake and ice cream. Here she is after everyone had gone home, finally getting to enjoy some cake.

The party went really well. I think all the kiddos had a good time, but what do I know. Lindsey did have one melt down though. I think that's a pretty common occurrence for the birthday girl/boy. It's so much attention and excitement that their little minds just go into meltdown mode for a while. Alas, she recovered and was in pretty good spirits for the rest of the day. Tonight though she was a freakin pain in my ass. I actually had to tell her we weren't going to StoryLand tomorrow because she was too fresh. This of course caused her to go into complete hysterics. I told her we'll have to see how she behaves tomorrow before we decide if we'll still be going to StoryLand. It's such an empty threat, it's not like I'd actually cancel the trip. I'm just being a biotch of a mom I guess.

Friday, July 07, 2006

This is about as exciting as my life gets. Tomorrow is Lindsey's big fourth birthday party. It's her first "real" party. We've always just had family and some neighbors but this year we have some of her friends from preschool coming. She's very excited, as am I. I just hope they have enough to keep them occupied and aren't bored. I took her to a b'day party a few weeks ago and it was so boring, even a little slow for the kids. It's supposed to be nice out tomorrow so at the very least they can run around our big yard.
Then on Sunday we are heading up to New Hampshire for three days to go to Storyland We went last year with my in laws and Lindsey loved it. I'm glad to be going sans the in laws this year. They just don't know when to give us some space, know what I mean? We didn't even tell them we were going until a few days ago for fear of them trying to tag along. FIL asked me today where we were staying while in New Hampshire and I almost lied to him for fear of him just showing up at our hotel. I don't really think they'd do that, but I wouldn't put it past them either.
So I'll be back tues or wed with some fabulous b'day and vacation pics to bore you to tears with.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A conversation with Lindsey

L : "can we go to the party store today?" (her b'day is coming up so she wants to go buy plates, decorations etc) Me: " Not today sweetie, the store is closed today."
L :"Why is it closed."
Me: "It's a holiday today so lots of stores are closed. It's the Fourth of July."
L: "What's the Fourth of July?"
Me: "It's our countries birthday today."
L: her eyes get really wide and with great excitement says "Oh, are we going to have cake and ice cream today?"
Me: not wanting to burst her bubble, since naturally on a b'day you have cake and ice cream, "Sure we can have ice cream but probably not any cake, okay?"
L: still wide eyed, "Okay."

Monday, July 03, 2006

I took the kids to the beach today by myself. Unfortunately, not the ocean, it's a lake. But it's clean and sandy and about half mile up the street from our house. The kids love it. I prefer the ocean, but I'm a snob. Anywho this is the first beach trip for the kids this season and I've got to say they kicked my butt. They were behaving just fine, L was actually a perfect angel. But it's really tough keeping an eye on a three year old and a 20 month old at a crowded beach. I thought I was going to get whip lash from turning my head around so much trying to constantly keep watch on both of them by the water. Last year was sooooo much easier. Z was only crawling then so she clearly couldn't get very far. She was content to just roll around in the wet sand but now she wants to be bounced around in the waves and spun around by her arms. All the while I'm trying not to lose sight of L. Not an easy task but they had a lot of fun so I suppose I'll end up doing it again, and again and again....

Holiday Weekend Pics, just because they are so cute, as always

She looks like she may kick your ass if you try to take her ice cream away from her.

Just being cute playing in her baby pool waiting patiently for someone to take her in the "real"l pool that you can see in the background. I have to say, having a pool is great and all but I rarely ever get to enjoy it solo. I've always got a kid attached to me. When we moved in Hubby and I dreamed about all the nights we could skinny dip in the moon light. Yeah, that's never happened, not even once.
Taking a break from the sun and heat Nanny (my mom) took the girls inside for some crafts. They made paper glasses. They look like really pathetic superheroes.

You may be wondering, what the hell is this a pic of? Look closely it's Elmo eating some rice.

There's the sweet toddler who shares EVERYTHING with her Elmo.