Friday, November 17, 2006

Look, she does have eyeballs

I was getting little Miss Chunky undressed for her bath last night when it occurred to me that she had her eyes open and was quite alert. So I thought "ooh, must take picture." So you see, she does have eyeballs under those eyelids.
Poor neglected third born. Who has time to be snapping baby pictures of her left and right when there are two other crazy kids running around the house.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Morning Snuggle

The biggest sister and the littlest sister having a nice morning snuggle in my bed. For two little people they sure take up an amazing amount of room on a king size bed.

Baby pics, what did you expect

Oooh, mad baby.

Ahhh, happy baby.

Unexpected Gift

Ella was laying on her tummy on my chest tonight and she lifted her wobbly head up to look at me. I was talking to her in that sweet mommy voice we reserve only for newborns and she must have been feeling proud of her neck strength and enjoying her new view because she gave me a big lopsided grin. Her first smile and it was all for me. Sigh....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Post Bath Warm Up

Here is Ella in her post bath attire. Z helped me give E a bath the other day (note my sarcasm when I say she helped me). Since it's freakin cold around these here parts already, we put her in some warm jammies, swaddled her up in a blanket and of course topped her mop of hair off with a cute little hat.
Maybe someday I'll actually get a picture of her with her eyes open.

When I spell checked this entry a suggestion for "freakin" was "foreskin". That made me laugh like an immature 5th grade boy.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


There should be a bubble over her head that says " I surrender!"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I was Super Mom today

Well maybe not super mom, but I acted more like my normal self than I have lately. I got L dropped off at preschool on time and without loosing my patience with any of my darling children. Then Z, E and I drove to a friends house to drop off a gift for her new baby and then the three of us were going to go to the mall and buy Z some new shoes. BUT I don't have the double stroller in my car and the Baby Bjourn was at home too. So I drove home, picked up the Baby Bjourn, and we headed back to the mall. Put Z in the stroller and "wore" E and we bought Z a new pair of snazzy pink sneakers to fit her chubby little feet. I let Z ride on the merry go round three times and then we went back and picked L up from school. Went home and made everyone some lunch, which of course no one ate. Put Z down for her nap and brought L and E up to my room and let L watch a video while the three of us snuggled up in my bed. E and I fell asleep while L sat quietly and watched Diego and Blues Clues. Then Z woke up after only an hour because she had pooped. Cleaned her up got some snacks and drinks together and drove to the playground. Played for an hour and came home and fed them dinner, bathed them, read them stories, had to change the bedding on L's bed because E threw up a gallon of steamy hot breast milk all over L's bed and me while reading stories. Got the two big girls to bed by 7 and here I am.
And if you were wondering where Hubby is, well he is at work, he left at 6 this morning and will be home around 6 tomorrow night.
I think I shall have a glass of wine tonight.

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Eat

Z was very unsettled by this mammoth cat head resting atop her own head. I think I got some better pics with my new camera but I have yet to read the directions on how to upload pics from it. All that free time I have to do such things as read directions.
L was Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, and Z was a kitty. They went trick or treating with Daddy, and Ella and I stayed home and handed out candy. We live in one of those fabulous family friendly neighborhoods where Halloween is a very busy night. We went through 7 bags of candy. I would have killed to have lived in a neighborhood like this when I was a kid. We lived on a private dirt road with two other houses and of course there were no street lights so we NEVER got trick or treaters. To creepy to go up a dark dirt road I guess. I used to have to go to my friends neighborhoods to trick or treat. That's a really sucky thing to have to do in a kid's mind. Apparently I need therapy from my crappy trick or treating experiences as a child. LOL
Anywho, the girls had a lot of fun. Well, Z was a bit confused by the whole event. By she enjoyed sampling her candy. And she was so wiped out that she slept in today until 6:20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!