Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You see there are some nice strangers in the world after all

I'm driving today with the kids and some guy in the lane next to me is trying to get my attention and is pointing at the side of my car. I roll down my window at the red light and he says " your rear tire is almost flat". Thankfully I was in the city so there are about 6 gas stations with in a block. I managed to cut across several lanes of traffic and pulled into a service station. About 15 minutes and 15 dollars later we were on our way again with our patched tire. When I told Hubby it only cost $15 he said " were you wearing your low rise jeans with your thong hanging out?" Buahahaha. I told him if this happened 5 years ago they would have said"it's on the house darling" and five years from now if this happens they'll charge me $50. ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm going to take all of their toys and burn them in a big beautiful bonfire

They wouldn't miss them. They couldn't care less. I know, I know this is something moms talk about ALL the time but honestly this is getting ridiculous. Why have I given up my living for their toys? It looks like I live in a daycare center with all the crap they have strewn about, most of which gets chewed on and then dropped onto the floor.
Today I went to BJ's. Do they have BJ's in other states? I don't know, but it's a wholesale place like CostCo etc. Anywho, so I bring home a huge package of toilet paper with like, 40 rolls in it and an equally enormous package of paper towels and a box of diapers that should last Zoey until she's 13. So Lindsey drags the pack of papertowels into the living room and Zoey decides to follow suite, so she drags the pack of toilet paper into the living room. They then proceed to climb up on said packages and "slide" down the other side saying "wheeee" each time. They must have repeated this about 1 million times. Then Lindsey took the empty box that the diapers came in and filled it up with her legos, sealed it with tape and proceeded to drag it around to different locations of the house. Why? I don't know.
Tonight, while they sleep, all of their "real" toys will be burning in the backyard and I'll be roasting marshmallows.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I gave into the pressure and joined the good mommy cult

I am a good mother after all. Huh, who'd a thunk it?
Well not that good apparently because I let my 3 year old play in her wet sand box in 36 degree weather. But she had fun. Good thing I did take them out yesterday because today we woke up to a lovely winter storm. Probably only about 6 inches but quite a mess.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Do I want to join the "good mommy" cult?

It's cold out today but sunny and there's no snow on the ground. One of those "good mothers" you always here about, would bundle her kids up and bring them out in the yard for some fresh air(despite her own desire to stay in the warm cozy house). I'm still debating whether or not I'm one of those "good mothers".

My Little Escape Artist

Zoey has discovered that she can fit under the gate at the top of the stairs. For a few weeks it was her favorite game to run over to the gate and slide under it and I would run over and grab her and give her a firm "No". Well do I need to tell you that didn't do squat? So now I just look at her and shake my head and she realizes I'm not coming to "play" so she gets back up herself. Needless to say we're going to need a new gate.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I actually have butterflies in my chest

I just booked it! My solo trip to Arizona that is! I'm going the end of March for 4 nights and 5 whole days of NO kids and no responsibilities of any sort. A little background, I went to college in AZ (Arizona State, go sun devils;) ) and I lived out there for several years after college too. I've gone back for several trips to see friends since moving away but I haven't been back since I had Lindsey 3.5 years ago!!! My dear friend asked me to come out two years ago but I couldn't because I was prego with Zoey and not feeling well. Then last year she asked again and I said, "um no, I have an infant" . So this year it's her 40th b'day so I'm going to spend some much needed time with my girlfriends in the sun. I can't wait. I'm nervous and excited, I guess maybe the word is anxious. I've never been apart from hubby or the kids for that long. Not too mention the 3,000 miles that will be between us. But man, I'm looking forward to it. YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Newest Toy

DH bought a new chair for the home office. Our old one squeaked whenever it swiveled(is that even a real word?). So here the girls are getting a spin from Dad in the chair. Zoey thought it was the most fun ever. I don't know why we spent all that money going to Disney World, we could have just gone for a few spins on the new chair.

Last night DH wanted some loving, I was exhausted and clearly not in the mood. I had mentioned I was hungry because we skipped dinner due to a late lunch with his crazy family. So Hubby says "I'll go downstairs and make you some popcorn (microwave kind, this is my favorite night time snack), if you give me some loving." Now this is part in jest but part serious. So I say "fine, but make my popcorn first and DON'T burn it." He gives me some comment about he's not an idiot he knows how to make microwave popcorn. Can you see where this story is going yet? He goes downstairs puts the popcorn in the microwave and immediately comes back upstairs and says, "Let's do it now, I'll be so fast I'll be done before your popcorn is." So I agree, though I heard the microwave beep before we even began. So minutes later, we've completed our act of passionate love making and he goes downstairs to get my popcorn. Within minutes I smell that distinct smell of burnt popcorn. I go downstairs and he is frantically rummaging through the cabinets ( I presume looking for more popcorn). He looks at me with a half scared half amused look on his face, "Um, I burnt your popcorn and we don't have anymore."
So he got what he wanted and I got a whole lotta nothing, sigh, so is life. ;)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Here are the girls this morning. Lindsey was coloring so OF COURSE Zoey wanted to color too. She always wants to be right with her big sis.

She decided she wasn't close enough to big sis so she climbed right onto Lindsey's chair. Notice what a good sport Lindsey is with Zoey crowding her space. :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today was a good day

All went smoothly today. Now that I've said that, something horrific is going to occur, like one of the kids waking up and vomiting all over me or something equally as pleasant.
Anywho, Lindsey got out the door to preschool without any usual morning grumpiness (is that even a real word, I don't think so) and Zoey cooperated and took a nice long nap while Lindsey was at school so I had a good hour to putter around the house. Then after I picked L up from school I brought them home, started their lunch and then MIL came over so I took off . I had lunch with a couple of friends from my moms group and then I went to the mall. Got myself a new bra with my Victorias Secret gift card from xmas and then used my gymbucks at Gymboree. Not like my darlings need any more clothes, but I couldn't resist. I was good. I bought mostly stuff in 2T for Zoey to wear next winter and a few things for Lindsey to wear this spring. Why do little girls clothes have to be so damn cute. It's addictive.
Well my love is working late, which is fine with me. He's been working from home for nearly two weeks. I could use a little time sans hubby if you know what I mean.

I used my Gymbucks at Gymboree today and I got this really cute spring/summer dress for Lindsey that she is modeling here. She loves it but can't understand why I won't let her wear it to school tomorrow. The fact that she doesn't have school tomorrow and that it's 30 degrees out doesn't register with her.

Zoey looking at me seeming to say, "Mom, you cut my bangs too damn short!"

Zoey and Elmo sharing a snack. They're best friends IRL, just like on Sesame Street. ;)

Zoey says, " Hey Emma, like my beads?"

Monday, January 09, 2006

Poor Kitty

Sammy is catching a few moments of peace in the dining room, which is a kid free zone. She has taken refuge on my Christmas table cloth which has been cleaned and folded and ready to be put away until next year. Now of course is covered in cat hair.

Zoey has been caught on several occasions dragging Sammy across the kitchen floor by her tail and laughing as Sammy hisses at her. Sometime I catch Sammy looking at me seeming to say "remember how good I had it before you had these damn kids, you bitch".

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I feel like I should be blogging but I have nothing to report. I'm tired, that's about it. My beloved and I went to the Bruins game on Thursday night and got home and into bed close to midnight. I'm such a loser because that's wayyyyyy too late for me. Then Friday night my darling husband woke up at 3 am (well I guess it was actually Sat morning) and couldn't get back to sleep so he went into our guestroom/home office and was messing around on the computer (likely looking at porn if you ask me). Well Lindsey's room is right next door to the guestroom so he must have woken her up because she started calling quietly for him but he wasn't responding to her. He later claimed he didn't hear her but I find that hard to believe since I heard her and I was at the other end of the house. So by the time he got up to tend to Lindsey, she had woken Zoey, who of course began to cry because she was being disrupted at such an ungodly hour. So my genius husband decides to take Lindsey AND Zoey into our room so that we can all sleep together. Of course that did not work. So by 5 am we had given up trying to get the girls back to sleep and we were all up for the day. It was a rather unpleasant start to the weekend.
Hubby and I did go out for his birthday on Saturday night. We went into the North End (a neighborhood of Boston) for some authentic Italian. We had planned on having a long wonderful date night so my mother (the babysitter) had been instructed to sleep over at our house since we were going to be out so late. HA! We were home by 10. Like I previously mentioned, we are losers. LOL

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Five weird things about myself ( tagged by Jeanne)

1. I can't eat chicken or any other meat for that matter, off the bone, it must be boneless.
2. I like lima beans and brussel sprouts
3. I don't have any first cousins
4. I often prefer my own company over that of others (except my kids and my husband)
5. I can sleep with all the lights on, even shining in my face, but I can't sleep with any noise like the tv or radio or people talking.

I can't possibly tag 5 people because I'm sure they've all been tagged already.But I can try
1 Alex
2. Jen
3. Allie
4.I don't know and
5.I don't know

Friday, January 06, 2006

Remember the movie "Parenthood"? The kid who always wore the bucket on his head and slammed into walls? That's Zoey's new game. She puts a sheet over her head and then wonders around bumping into walls and furniture, giggling the whole time. Weird kid.

My cute nakey baby. (damn red eye)

Zoey has a shoe fetish already. What a typical woman.

Lindsey had her first REAL haircut at the hairdressers. I've cut her hair many a times myself but this was her first time with a professional. She even got a red ribbon in her hair, kind of like when you bring the dog to the groomers. She was hugely impressed with the barber chair that went up and down like magic.

Hubby has been working from home all week. It has it's ups and downs in my opinion. It's great having him home for breakfast, lunch and dinner BUT he's a computer hog. He doesn't like his laptop so he uses our home computer all day so I have no chance to get on line. Poor me. I was forced to actually clean the house and pay attention to my kids all week.

Monday, January 02, 2006

This is what happens when you get up at 4:50 AM

Let's just say the girls were in rare form today after getting up at the crack of dawn. Actually it wasn't even the crack of dawn because the sun didn't rise for at least 2 hours after they got up. Anywho, Scooter and I took the girls for a drive just to knock them out. Mommy and Daddy had listened to enough whining to this morning to last us all of 2006. So we hit Starbucks to rejuvenate ourselves and went for a drive through countryside and had some enjoyable adult conversation while our two angels passed out like drunks in the back.

4:50 AM

That's what time we got up this morning. I hate when the day starts like that, you just know it's starting off on the wrong foot, to say the least. It started with Zoey letting out a cry. I didn't get up because I knew she'd fall right back to sleep. As I predicted, Zoey fell back asleep right away but then there was the commotion of Lindsey getting up and storming out of her room. (their bedrooms are right next to each other)You would think she was 6 ft tall and weighed 200 lbs with the amount of noise she makes. She came storming down the hall to my room and instead of just coming in she started crying "mommy MOMMY". Naturally Zoey then started to scream too. Oh joy. I settled Lindsey into my bed and then went to settle Zoey back to sleep. As Zoey laid her little head back down in her crib while I was finishing singing my lovely rendition of Bah Bah Black Sheep Lindsey again began to cry for me. Surprisingly (dripping with sarcasm) Zoey didn't want to go back to sleep anymore. So up we were. Let me just tell you what a lovely mood my darling three year old is in now. I need to drug her and put her back to bed or something. Did I mention it's now only 8 AM?