Monday, July 31, 2006

I must confess

The shower wasn't so bad. It wasn't filled with tons o' fun by any means,but it wasn't as painful as I'd anticipated. The heat wasn't bad at all so no old ladies dropped dead. SIL was really happy and that's all it's about really.
Today, we are finally having our carpet installed in our newly finished basement which will be the playroom/family room. It's been sitting there ready to be carpeted for at least 6 weeks but we, well, umm, ran out of money for a while there. So today's the big day. YIPEE!!!!! I was originally told they would be here anytime between 8-6, I was like, "are you kidding?" But at 6:40 this morning they called to say they would be here by 8 am. YIPEE SKIPEE!!! So at least I don't have to wait around all day for them to come. I just have to wait around all day for them to finish. I can't wait to move every last toy out of our living room and into that playroom, FINALLY!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanna see pics. Goodie for you!!!

1:15 PM  
Blogger Sraikh said...

Glad that the shower went well and no one died.
Post pictures of the new playroom

10:55 AM  

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