Saturday, July 08, 2006

B'day party pics

Why is it that after a four year olds birthday party I feel like I need a really good dirty vodka martini right now?
I took about a zillion pictures but I'll spare you, I narrowed it down to a mere 6 for your viewing pleasure.
I couldn't get a good pic of Z in her cute dress.

Am I pathetic or what? This is the only pic I could get of them together. I should make it my Christmas card it's so good.
Zoey slept through about 90% of the party. So she missed the cake and ice cream. Here she is after everyone had gone home, finally getting to enjoy some cake.

The party went really well. I think all the kiddos had a good time, but what do I know. Lindsey did have one melt down though. I think that's a pretty common occurrence for the birthday girl/boy. It's so much attention and excitement that their little minds just go into meltdown mode for a while. Alas, she recovered and was in pretty good spirits for the rest of the day. Tonight though she was a freakin pain in my ass. I actually had to tell her we weren't going to StoryLand tomorrow because she was too fresh. This of course caused her to go into complete hysterics. I told her we'll have to see how she behaves tomorrow before we decide if we'll still be going to StoryLand. It's such an empty threat, it's not like I'd actually cancel the trip. I'm just being a biotch of a mom I guess.


Blogger Highlandgal said...

Yeah, but she doesn't know it's an empty threat, so...whatever works.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Glaciermeow said...

I LOVE the little dresses. How totally cute! :)

7:40 AM  

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