Saturday, December 22, 2007

Suck Balls

My hubby can be so eloquent, so charming, when he is mad. Instead of screaming, swearing, punching walls when things have gone wrong, he simply mumbles this phrase, suck balls !!! Like the time he bought a brand new bathroom sink from Home Depot and as he was opening the trunk of the car in our driveway to take out the new sink it slipped right out of the box and shattered into a hundred small pieces on our driveway. He didn't scream or kick the car as I would have done. He just walked away and mumbled under his breath suck balls!!
Well on Friday afternoon as our hot water heater burst and spewed 90 gallons ( literally) of hot water all over our finished basement he was heard to say Suck balls over and over again through out the day. It still amazes me that neither of us lost it. Neither of us yelled or snapped at some innocent bystander. We just dealt with the shit that was handed to us. I simply followed his lead and remained calm. My first instinct was definitely something a little more dramatic but instead I just mumbled suck balls.


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