Friday, June 08, 2007

Learn from my mistake

Tonight's entree consisted of shake and bake chicken, peas and couscous. Notice who is NOT eating.

Miss L won't even eat her dinner with a big glop of her favorite condiment, that horrendous red stuff.

When you're child is a baby/toddler DO NOT feed them what ever they want. Refuse to make just "kids meals". You know what I mean, chicken nuggets or spaghetti with no sauce for the kid while you and hubby dine on salmon or some other normal grown up food. I did this with L when she was younger and believe me I am paying for it now. She refuses most foods, won't try new ones, and would rather starve then eat what the rest of us eat for dinner.

Now when Z was younger I just gave her whatever I was eating and now she'll eat just about anything, with in reason. It makes meal time sooo much easier.

It's quite miraculous that L is growing as tall as she is considering she survives on chicken, chicken and chicken.


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