Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's awfully quiet around here

That's because I only have one child this afternoon. I don't know why I ever thought having one kid was tough, it's a piece of cake. :)
Lindsey has gone out to lunch with Dad and Grampy and then she and Daddy are going to go ice skating!!! He has been wanting to teach her to skate since the day she was born but I managed to hold him back until this year. I think 3 is the absolute youngest acceptable age to wear a pair of ice skates. So this afternoon after lunch they are heading to the rink up the street. She's very excited and has been talking about it non stop. I wonder how she'll like it? Learning to skate can be frustrating with all the falling down and all. Well at least it's some Daddy and Lindsey time, which is much needed for both of them.
Zoey on the other hand is in heaven. She is playing in Lindsey's room right now with all of Lindsey's beloved treasures that Zoey normally can't get her paws on with that pesky big sister around.


Blogger Jen said...

Awww how cute is that? What a great Daddy/Lindsey time!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Highlandgal said...

I'm sure Zoey was thrilled to wreak havoc. You're a good mama to let her get away with it (as long as Lindsey never finds out!)

10:44 AM  

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