Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Causing Trouble

Check out the drool hanging off of her chin. Blech! Happily playing with the Little People Farm. That is, until the damn thing "Mooooed" at her. It scared the crap out of her. She did one of those cries where she doesn't breath for what seems like an entire minute while she turned purple and then just finally screamed and couldn't get away from that scary freakin farm fast enough.

This disaster all occurred within about 60 seconds. I was standing all of about 3 feet away from her cooking dinner and not watching what she was doing. She dumped out all the crap from the bottom two shelves and that brown stuff all over the floor is cat food. She picked up a bag of over priced Science Diet "Mature" cat food from the bottom and spilled it everywhere. She then proceeded to eat a few handfuls of it. It's pretty high in fiber. Maybe I should try some.


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